Mission and Vision

The mission of RUNodE is to address the inherent limitations in Bitcoin's scalability and development flexibility. Despite the implementation of the Taproot upgrade and the introduction of BRC-20 tokens for improved smart contract capabilities, Bitcoin's network still faces challenges with transaction processing speed and compatibility. RUNodE seeks to overcome these obstacles by providing a scalable, efficient, and user-friendly Layer 2 solution, focusing on decentralized nodes and DePIN to ensure a fully decentralized and secure network.


RUNodE's vision is to lead the evolution towards a fully decentralized digital economy, where Bitcoin remains at the core but is vastly more accessible, functional, and integrated with the broader blockchain ecosystem. As a Layer 2 platform, RUNodE aims to enable fast, low-cost transactions, cross-chain interoperability, and innovative decentralized services, thereby accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology and Web3 applications.

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