📊Airdrop Eligibility Details

RUNodE airdrop utilizes a point-based system to calculate the token amounts participants are entitled to. Points are awarded for specific actions performed within the RUNodE ecosystem, especially on the Testnet, before a predetermined snapshot time, which will be announced (TBA). The criteria aim to recognize and reward the contributions of early project supporters.

Qualifying Actions and Points

Allocation Participants can earn points through a variety of qualifying actions, categorized into one-time rewards and daily rewards:

One-time Rewards:

  • Deploy a contract on RUNodE Testnet: 50 points.

  • Spend on Gas fee: 300 points/ 0.01 BTC

Daily Rewards:

  • Faucet tokens: 100 points/ 0.01 BTC

  • Transfer native token (maximum 1 tx/day) : 20 points

  • Transfer any supported tokens (maximum 1 tx/day): 30 points

Points Booster for Stakers

In addition to the base points from qualifying actions, RUNodE introduces a points booster for users who stake real assets on the platform. Participants staking real assets (not Testnet tokens) will enjoy a 1.5% multiplier on their accumulated points, enhancing their airdrop reward potential. To be eligible for this booster, users must meet a minimum staking requirement of xxx (TBA) BTC in value.

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